VigRX Plus review and results

my-vigxplus-resultsI have just finished my 6’th month with VigRX plus and feel that I have the knowledge to write a good review of it. I bought a full year supply back in October 2013 so I’ll continue to use them and I will update my review and results later on.

Why did I buy VigRX Plus pills?

I have had trouble getting an erection since my mid-twenties and it was not getting better at all after hitting the thirties. And I could use an extra inch below to be honest. So I was in the marked for stuff that could help me get better erections and increase the length and girth of my penis.

After a ton of research I decided on VigRX Plus because of its amazing results and pure natural ingredients. And last but not least it comes with an amazing penis exercise program that will help you gain length and girth.

Let’s get starting

vigrxplus_pills_smI got the pills after a few days of ordering them and started taking them the same day as they arrived. Your normal VigRX Plus dosage is 2 pills per day, one in the morning and one at dinner. It is a good idea to take the pills together with a meal and a glass of water.

I started out with the penis exercise program the same day as well. I must say that it felt kind of weird to do the exercises in the beginning and it took some time to get used to it. The exercises do also require some technique, but I got a pretty good routine after a few weeks.

My results after 6 months

This is the results that I have achieved during the last 6 months with VigRX Plus and penis exercises:

  • +0.8 inch longer penis
  • +0.6 inch thicker penis
  • No erection problems (or at least very few problems)
  • Stronger erections
  • Longer lasting in bed
  • Better and longer orgasms

In the beginning my penis length was 5.9” and my penis girth was 5.1”. Today my penis length is 6.7” and my penis girth is 5.9”.

I’m very happy with the results so far but I will continue to see how long I can get in one year!

Do I recommend it?

Yes, I do recommend them to all the men and boys who have erection problems or just want harder and stronger erections. Make sure that you buy one of the packages that contain the penis exercises if you want a longer and thicker penis.

Get a month supply for free

This is a smart little trick to get an extra box of pills for free.  But this trick does only work on a computer, not your phone or tablet. So go to your computer and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the official web shop (Click here this will open a new window)
  2. Click “Order Now” in the right corner
  3. Click on the package you want
  4. Fill in the information (Name, address, state, email, and so on)
  5. Click “Back” in your browser
  6. Two popups should now appear. Press “Stay on this site” on the first. The second one will tell you something like “Can I offer you a Free Month Supply?” Press the “CLICK HERE”
  7. A “Free special offer” should now appear on you item description



Why is it important to buy from the official web shop?

This is kind of an important question because you can sometimes buy some very cheap pills on E-Bay and other online places, but DON’T! 99.99% of those pills are counterfeit and they will do you no good. Sometimes they might even hurt you, but in most cases they are made of pure calcium and will just go through your system without and problems.

VigRX Plus is shipped to the entire WORLD!

The pills are shipped the same day or the day after they are ordered. You have 3 different shipping options when you order the pills.

  1. vigrxplus-shippingInternational mail – This does take a long time, up to 2 weeks and it does not come with tracking code. At $19.99 it is the cheapest way to get them.
  2. International rush – This kind of shipping is send with DHL and has a tracking code, so you can follow you package and see when it will arrive. The normal time is from 3 to 6 days. The cost for this shipping option is $29.99
  3. International rush with FedEx – This is the fastest option but also the most expensive one. If you want your pills really quickly this is the option for you. The delivery time is 2 to 5 days and it will set you back $42.99


They are shipped in a neutral brown cardboard box. Nobody will see what you buy, not even the mail man.

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  1. Glenn M. Drennan says:

    Hi Vincent

    Can I buy the penis pills in any stores? Or it it only online?
    Hope you have a nice day man!


    • Vincent F. Nicholson says:

      Hey Glenn

      Yes, you can only buy it online. You can buy the normal Vigrx in some shops i belive but I dont know where they are. But it’s very easy to buy online.

      Best regards,

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